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Since 1997

Bridging Ancient Wisdom with Modern Innovation

Founded in the year 1997, against the scenic backdrop of Kochi, Kerala, our journey commenced with a vision deeply rooted in tradition yet propelled by innovation. Cybele Laboratories set its course to usher in a new era of healthcare, one that harmonizes ancient knowledge with contemporary science. We embarked on this journey with a singular goal: to harness the wisdom of ancient traditions and the power of nature to create groundbreaking solutions for the modern world. 

Today, we take pride in introducing Cogent Db+, a revolutionary anti-diabetic pill derived from pure herbs, inspired by the wisdom contained within ancient palm leaf manuscripts. Cybele Laboratories has also achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first herbal pharmaceutical company from India to be granted a license by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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Why Choose Cybele?

At Cybele Laboratories, we take pride in being more than just a pharmaceutical company; we are your partner in wellness and strive to provide natural remedies that have been refined through science.

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We create our products from pure herbs, rooted in ancient wisdom and proven effective through modern science.

We bridge the gap between ancient traditions and modern innovation.

Cybele Laboratories proudly holds the distinction of being the first herbal pharmaceutical company from India to be licensed by the prestigious Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Our products meet the highest international standards of quality and safety.


We don’t just stop at pharmaceuticals. Under the banner of “Health and Beyond,” we are committed to supporting you in various facets of your life and lifestyle. 


We have joined hands with PNB Vesper Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., a research-based pharmaceutical organization, to provide comprehensive and viable pharmaceutical solutions.

Our dedication to innovation and excellence has received recognition from esteemed institutions such as TVM Medical College (India) and the Mayo Clinic (USA). Articles in reputable publications like THE WEEK and Malayalam Weekly have also praised our breakthrough innovations.



Envisioning a Healthier World, Rooted in Nature's Wisdom


To Lead in Innovating Natural Healthcare Solutions, Fostering Holistic Wellness, and Inspiring a Healthier Tomorrow.

Strategy and Planning

To lead in herbal pharmaceutical innovation, maintain the highest standards of quality, expand globally, promote holistic wellness, practice sustainability, forge strategic partnerships, and build strong brand trust to inspire a healthier world rooted in nature's wisdom.

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